10 rules for formatting content for blogs on WordPress

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10 rules for formatting content for blogs on WordPress

We all started our blogs to be heard. And it doesn’t matter why we have started. Someone wants to share his or her opinion and ideas with other people and other person wants to earn money. That’s why if you don’t have an audience, any information you post have no sense and purpose.

What happens if a blog is not so popular as it’s supposed to be? Most of bloggers give up, and others begin to criticize web site design or content.

But don’t worry, to have a good blog is easier than you may think. Maybe the problem why your blog is so unpopular is the way you format the information there.

The Internet is full of interesting and stylish blogs, that is why readers are so fastidious today. This is the reason why it is so important to make the good first impression. If your content has an absurd formatting or it is hard to read people won’t be interested in the blog.

These problems are very easy to solve for those who use WordPress. We collected 10 rules for formatting content for blogs on WordPress about formatting, formalization and organization of content which can help you to increase your blog users activity and today we are going to share it with you. Let’s begin!

  1. Short paragraphs are better

Most of the Internet users read blogs for fun. They don’t like to feel themselves like students who have to read big articles.

There is no golden rule, but if your paragraph has 4-5 sentences, it can be divided. But you should be careful with it, because a big amount of single-line  paragraphs can look like a list with a very bad formatting.

  1. Create subheadings

Readers used to glance over a content looking for information they really need. To make the process easier use  subheadings. They are called tags (H2, H3, H4).

H2 tags are used for subheadings of the highest level, H3 tags are used for sub- subheadings and so on. If you are not sure about subheadings use titlecase.com.1

  1. Use number in headings and subheadings.

Have you noticed that everybody in the Internet lost their mind about lists with numbers?

  • 10 ways to lose weight
  • 6 steps to perfect abs
  • 8 win-win strategies for your business

Why are these headings so effective?  The first two points describe achievement of some goal with specific amount of steps.  The last one offers you 8 strategies in one article.

Such numbers attract readers’ attention, so use this method.

  1. Use marked list

If you want to show readers different opinions or terms, use marked list. It will be the best solution! Because it is not always easy to read several paragraphs of text.

Marked and numbered lists work just perfect. Which one to choose will depend on information which you want to write. Use marked and numbered list clicking on an icon in visual editor of WordPress.2

  1. Use bold font and italics

You should be very careful to not overdo! Attract readers’ attention to important words using  bold font and italics.

There are some several  hints:

  • Use bold font if you need to attract readers’ attention to the most important parts of a text
  • If you don’t use headings replace it with bold font. Emphase the first sentence of new point with it
  • Use italics to emphasize some words
  • Italics will be perfect for emphasizing of foreign words or phrases, names of films, books, TV shows etc.

But don’t distinguish in your post everything what can be distinguished, because in that case it will have no effect.

  1. Use a button which distinguishes quotes

Don’t forget about possibilities which are given to you by button Blockquote. You will find it in a visual editor of WordPress.

It was created to distinguish literal quotes, but time passed and many bloggers begun to use it for different important phrases in articles. Quotes attract much attention that is why they should be used less than bold font and italics.

You can also install a free plugin which is called Click to Tweet. It will give your readers an opportunity to share quotes on Twitter.

  1. Chose a beautiful font

Many bloggers don’t pay much attention to fonts. Of course a beautiful font does not save a boring content, but a bad font can ruin very useful information.

Unfortunately, we can name you an effective strategy which can help you to choose a font. You should a solution by yourself. But there are some rules to follow:

  • Don’t choose too extravagant variants. For example, we can’t name you any blogs which profitably use  Comic Sans.
  • Pay attention to color. Black and dark grey are the most popular color. These two variants are optimal. Experiment with a bright red can end badly.
  • Don’t forget about size. It really matters. Too big variant will look primitively and too little one will be hard to read.
  • Don’t use too many different fonts. It will look flashily. Use only those combinations for your blog which you are sure about.
  1. Table of contents will help your reader to find needed infformation

It is very interesting when an author develops some theme in several articles.

It is easy to add inner links in WordPress.

If you are writing a whole series of posts we recommend you to add a table of contents in a beginning of every article. Thereby you will acquaint  your new readers with the site and make them read the whole series. It will give you maximum return.

If your content stays topical for a long time, a table of contents will be very useful. Not everyone wants to read and think about your very important article of 4,000+ words in one time, so you should give your readers opportunity to go to a needed section.

It’s very easy to create an article with a table of contents with a special plugin which is called Table of Contents Plus. If your post has some specific numbers of headings, a table of contents will be generated automatically. There are five different variants of decor and opportunity to create your own.

  1. Improve your style on a new level

A plugin Aesop Story Engine (have a free version) can be very helpful in creating a stylish content.

It allows to add different impressive  elements on a website, like:

  • Full screen title images
  • Full screen images for all contents
  • Parallax effect
  • Quotes with colored background or images for additional effect
  • Different galleries
  • Interactive chapters and point of automatic scrolling

You can see the whole range of opportunities, visit a demo site.

  1. Testing

Remember, if something works for one specific blog it may not work for others. Audience of scientific blog can react on big informative articles very well but in a different case you should use short and laconic posts.

It also works for fonts, paragraphs, lists and so on. Yes, there are some unspoken rules in bloggers sphere but it does not mean that all of them will work for every website. Until you test some moments and don’t understand what your audience really need, you won’t find the best solution for your blog.

Google Analytics will help you to track important data and for checking, what solution is the most effective.


Many web masters spend a lot of time decorating and writing a qualitative content. But not all of them analyze how it looks on a webpage.

Today we have shared 10 rules for formatting content for blogs on WordPress of advice with you. They will help you to format your content. I hope this information was useful for you. Leave a comment if you have your own ideas about formatting blog information!