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11 Jun 2015

WordPress: what is the advantage?

By Stefan | WordPress | No Comments


The following are to be specifically considered from WordPress’  long and obvious technological advantage list: The engine is totally free The distribution of CMS WordPress under the GNU/GPL license, means that it’s circulated for free. Anyone can use it improve it, change it, etc. for their own purposes, It’s an excellent starting platform for beginners and at the same time … Continued

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10 May 2015

What does responsive web design mean?

By Stefan | WordPress | No Comments

responsive web design

Responsive design has lately been the talk of the town. By applying responsive design methods we basically don’t need to make a separate mobile version of a website anymore. Instead we’re designing it to be fully responsive from the start.

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24 Apr 2015

How to choose a WordPress theme

By Stefan | WordPress | No Comments

Choose best WordPress theme

Good morning, everyone! In this article we’ll help you find the best WordPress theme for your site. In my view, design plays a pretty important role, in a way being a site’s business card. If it’s pleasant and attractive enough, it could make your users and visitors stay on the site and return afterwards.

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