How to choose a WordPress theme

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Good morning, everyone!

In this article we’ll help you find the best WordPress theme for your site.

In my view, a good WordPress theme design plays a pretty important role, in a way being a site’s business card. If it’s pleasant and attractive enough, it could make your users and visitors stay on the site and return afterwards.

Of course, search engines don’t appreciate the uniqueness of design (since they only consider readability and other related aspects), whereas people value a good-looking site, this being important for them even if they might deny it.

The only problem with unique design is its somewhat expensive price, while free WordPress themes are not as exclusive and may already be used on other websites.

Nevertheless, there is a way out of this situation!

I will tell you how to chose a WordPress theme.

Consequently, if you’re reading this post, it may mean that you don’t know how to chose a WordPress theme for your site. I know how this feels, especially if it’s a new experience for you.
It took me about a week to choose a WordPress theme for my first site. I hadn’t set any important requirements back then… I just looked for whatever I could set my eyes on. From one side, this was a correct tactic. Then, two other projects emerged. And, along with them, the need to find WordPress themes “by aspect” came back. Consequently I have developed a skill to scan and filter through the features of WordPress themes, while choosing one.
And while I can’t say that my method is absolutely ideal in all cases, I will share it with you and maybe you will in turn share something on the topic with me.

Therefore, without further ado, here are the steps of picking a theme.

Stages of choosing a theme


The theme should be alive!

Nope not biologically alive… I’m just saying that the author of the theme is supporting his work and new versions keep appearing. This is necessary for a cool theme not to loose pace with WordPress engine versions which, as you know, are updating at a brisk pace.

That’s why for me selection is not an insignificant factor. To find out whether the theme is “alive”, it’s enough to get on the its webpage and check on the date of the its latest updates and the compatibility with the latest WordPress version.

Flexible setup should be possible.

In time, I think you will understand why this is important. Many themes have a basic list of parameters. The uncomfortable part about this is the need for involvement with the theme’s code or CSS.

It is for this reason that I’m trying to choose themes that have their own admin panel where you could, for example, easily change the header of the site, its background, width and other settings. So, my advice to you is to not opt solely for the beautiful design from the start but to also take time and check on what’s inside.

The theme should be confortable.

No, I’m not delirious. Just like when entering a house, I can either feel confortable or not when opening a site. Comfort (or lack thereof) may depend on the color range of the site, the placement of various elements like the menu view (I for example find it annoying when the sidebar is on the left).

It therefore depends on all these elements if I will come back on the site or not. Even if it has useful info, I won’t be able to be there too much if its interface is not cozy. This doesn’t mean that if a site has a shiny interface and dull content I will feel comfortable on it. To conclude, there needs to be a balance between a pleasant theme and a pleasant content.

You should like the theme yourself.

Yes, this is quite important. You should choose a theme that would also make you happy. At the end of the day, you need to work with it, but you should also not forget about your users and visitors. Choose a theme that both you and you readers will like.

The theme should reflect the topic of the site.

This is important especially if you have a commercial site (i.e. one that generates profit). If you have a real estate site, as is fashionable at the moment, try to choose a theme that reflects this area. Most sites feature themes categorized by topic.

When choosing a theme don’t spare time, since this is normally a lengthy process. It’s better for you to search for a week and make a worthy choice than changing the theme every day. Trust me, frequent changes won’t have a good impact on your site. Also, when choosing a theme, always check for malware or hidden links. Many sites feature the possibility of previewing the themes, which you should use.

And one more advice: the theme has a much more pleasant aspect if it already contains some content, sections and links. Even a beautiful theme will look bad on an empty site.