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our services We're offering quality services and the broadest possible consultancy for your necessities

Basic Installation


  • Theme Install
  • Plugin Installs
  • Basic Template Configuration
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Pro Installation


  • Theme Install
  • Plugin Installs
  • Basic Template Configuration
  • Adding Sample Data
  • Logo Image Upload
  • Adding a Sample Navigation Menu
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PREMIER Installation


  • Pro Installation Benefits
  • Add Your Content
  • 5h of consultations / custom work
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Upon purchasing this plan you may benefit from our minimum (i.e. basic) support, namely the professional installation of the template followed by the selection and installation of plugins necessary for your site, the configuration based on the template and the preparation of the template for the introduction of data. Should any additional need for support occur in the process, it will be charged on an hourly basis.


Upon purchasing the pro plan you will benefit from more diverse support which includes more solutions. We will help you with the installation of the WP Theme, we will also install all necessary plugins plus, to make your work easier, we will upload the logo you give us and put your information in the footer of the page plus, in the end we will add a simple menu. All these actions represent a great solution and you will have a work-ready customised site version.


Upon purchasing the Premier plan you’ll receive personalized aid from a member of our staff. This 5-hour custom work time may be used for fine-tunes such as color tuning, editing design components and even PHP alterations.

Adding new features is not covered by this service since they can seldom be done in the 5 hours allocated.

The service also features consultations. You can contact us by Skype messenger or email to discuss the customization your site needs. Plus, you can use these means of contact to ask us about the purchased theme in order to get to know its features better.