Terms & Conditions

The ThemesTune website offers templates and other types of creative and professional IT products. Upon making the decision to purchase, you confirm your agreement with the following terms and conditions.

1. GPL licensed. All of our templates are GPL licensed, offering you liberty and correctness in all of your code-related actions.

2. Updates. The updates for our templates are done automatically and for the entire period of the license validity. For persons who have a membership plan, updates are available during the active period of the member status. We have coded our themes to be compatible with the latest WordPress versions. Therefore you therefore finally have the guarantee that a theme purchased by you will be functional during its entire period of operation.

3. Browser Compatibility. All of our themes are 98% compatible with all existent browser types, from the more popular, such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, to the lesser- known ones.

4. Site content.  All of the content published on our platform, both image and text, is private property and may only be used with the author’s agreement. The information cannot be doubled and reedited without permission from ThemesTune. The content (images, text) used in ThemesTune templates cannot be used by third parties without our consent.

5. Support. Along with the purchase of our content, we at ThemesTune offer you quality support and help in solving any problem of technological nature. As for installation, customization and alteration related issues, they’re resolution is performed according to the Services tariff plan which features a number of support packages. You may find significant help in the FAQ section where experiences of other clients are listed.

6. Delivery. Along with the choice of an offer from our platform and purchase through the payment method available, you will receive an e-mail with the links to a webpage where you can download the chosen template. If you chose a membership plan, you will receive an e-mail with the login and password needed for unlimited access to all themes during the active period of the member status.

7. Refund Policy. All products offered by ThemesTune are intangible irrevocable, and for this reason we can’t admit the return of the product. We can however make refunds in exceptional cases or in situations of force majeure.

8. Price Changes. All the prices to our products are subject to change based on internal decisions and without prior notice. Products that have already been purchased (except for the membership that’s paid on an annual basis) are not subject to changes in price or conditions of use.

9. Payments. At ThemesTune we use the newest and most confortable available means of payment. However, in case you can’t find a means of payment that suits you, let us know and we will surely find a solution.